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Welcome to the website of DutchAver, real name Alexander! Here, I put links to my fanfiction creations, and my normal stories, as well as my poems. You'll find everything sorted at category for convenience.

"Proze" is all the stories I've written that aren't for a fandom, whose universe I completely made up.
"Poetry" is about all the poetry I've written.
"Fanfiction" is about fanfiction, sorted at category for convenience.
"Ideas" is about what is yet to come, what I'm yet going to write or what's already written but waits for publishing.
"Challenges" is for the writer who wants a challenge. They're usually a good source of inspiration.
"About me" is for the people who want to know more about me, but watch out; I'm not that interesting ;)
"Contact me" is a short form about what you think of the website.
"Finished a challenge?" should be quite clear. Only fill it in when you've actually finished a challenge.

Enjoy the website and don't forget to review my stories! And in case you were wondering/worrying: don't worry, almost nothing is autobiographical ;)

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31-10-2012: The NaNoWriMo-page is back! 

30-9-2012: Yes, another new poem after a long wait. 'Right now' is now in the poetry-section. 

31-7-2012: New poem! 'The Sound of Sunglasses' is now online. 

14-7-2012: Another new poem is here, and it's called 'beating'. You can find it in the poetry-section. 

24-6-2012: Hello new poem, finally! It's called 'fictitious' and can, as always, be found in the poetry-section. 

12-6-2012: I guess my poetry-muse is dead. But there's a new one-shot! 'The Cat Sat On The Mat'. Can be found in the proze-section :) 

30-4-2012: To make it up for you, there's another new poem. 'The Words You Never Said'. The rhyme is a lot more fluent than usual. It can be found in the poetry-section :) 

28-4-2012: Wow. Haven't updated in ages. Anway, there's a new poem in the poetry-section, called 'What Could Have Been'.  Elder Tree's Twitter-account has been removed :) 

28-2-2012: There's another new poem added! Meet 'The Other Side'. It's in the poetry-section, as always. 

14-2-2012: And now, there's a new one-shot too... 'No Longer' now graces the Proze-section with its presence :) 

23-1-2012: A new poem in the poetry-section! It's called 'Nightmare'. Enjoy reading! 

18-1-2012: No updates to the website... I just dropped by to tell you that Elder Tree from Rooting for Romance now has his own Twitter-account :) This is the link. 

1-1-2012: A happy new year to all of you! I removed 'I Never' from the ideas-section... because the prologue has been posted! You can find a link to it on the proze-section. 

30-12-2011: A new poem! 'Travel' is now uploaded on Mudboard, and a link to it is provided on the poetry page, as always! I also - finally - updated the Ideas section,

1-12-2011:  And the NaNoWriMo-page is taken down again. I made it this year too, halfway through the month already :) Testify's completely finished. I will edit it later ,and you'll hear more about it. Promise.
Also, there's a new poem! 'Autumn' is now on the poetry page. Enjoy reading!

1-11-2011: The NaNoWriMo-page is back on! 

30-10-2011: A new story has been posted! It's called 'The Birth of Something New'. Check it out!

29-10-2011: Revamped the whole website to make it a bit more efficient - all fanfiction is now in one page, neatly sorted by category. I might come back to revamp more later. 

20-9-2011: Still coping with the loss, there's a new poem in the 'poetry' section that's also about my grandfather. It's called 'the bike'. I promise the next one won't be. I also have a new one-shot, go look at it in the 'proze' section: it's called 'Naked Shoulder'.

8-9-2011: My grandfather died two days ago... and that has had its impact on me. There are two new poems with that theme in the 'poetry'-section. 

22-8-2011: 'Sunshine' has now also been posted on Fictionpress. That, and the Updates-section exists for a year now, hurray!

14-8-2011: Wrote a new poem, called 'Please don't go'. If you're curious, read it, it's in the 'Poetry'-section! 

24-7-2011: I finally wrote a good substitue to 'Why'! It's called 'Question' and it can be found in the 'Poetry'-section. Hope you guys read it! 

13-7-2011: Tiny changes are changes too - the section about the NaNoWriMo-contestant is now no longer above the explanation of the page. It looks less chaotic this way. 

11-7-2011: The link to mudboard now no longer points to Home, but to my own account. Also, there's a new poem, 'Different'. You can find it in the poetry section. 

6-7-2011: Updated the ideas-section again. I Never has now been scheduled for posting next year, so I won't have to rush editing. Also, I now have a twitter account: Tweets will alternate between Dutch and English.

22-6-2011: I have now sorted the proze page in three categories: requests from people who completed a challenge as the first ones, one-shots and multiple-chaptered stories. I've edited a few descriptions there as well.
Also, I've updated the ideas-section: I now have a NaNoWriMo-contestant for this year, check it out if you're interested. Finally, I've updated the 'Help Me Improving'-section, something I should've done long ago. It now displays stories that have been written after Christmas for Everyone as well.

31-5-2011: The request is finished and approved of! Room 51 can now be found in the 'challenges' and 'proze'-section. 

30-5-2011: Sometimes, you update twice a week, sometimes, you don't update for almost a month. Stupid exams, but I've had them all now. Easy challenge 1 has been completed - the link to the story has been added! I'm working on the request. 

1-5-2011: I took down the poem 'Why' - I'm scared to death somebody misunderstands it. Sorry! 

29-4-2011: Didn't update for a whole week, yay me! Two new poems over at the poetry section, 'Sunshine' and 'Belated' :) 

22-4-2011: Productivity is something nobody can stop. Anyhow, I removed that awfully specific text from 'finished a challenge' since I feel it scares people off from requesting something - feel free to request something, I'll let you know if you're not specific enough :) I also updated the Ideas-section - I no longer claim to post I Never in November, and a new idea was added. 

20-4-2011: Wow, I've been productive lately... added the poem 'Weather forecast' to the list. Also, Fog was posted on Mudboard, so I added a link :) 

11-4-2011: I added a new poem to the list, 'Why', dedicated to the Alphen a/d Rijn-shooting.

7-4-2011: I got myself a Mudboard account! Hurray me! From now on, links to mudboard will also be posted here, and the things I posted already have been. I'll mostly use it for poems. Also, Rooting for Romance was updated April the 2nd and I will update it every Saturday from now on :) 

28-3-2011: I changed the name of 'Don't Leaf Me Alone' to 'Rooting for Romance'. The link on the proze-page has been edited appropriately. On april the 2nd, I'm going to post the first chapter :) And that's a promise! 

11-3-2011: I updated the Homepage-text, in case you hadn't seen it already since it's in the box right above this one :P Also, Don't Leaf Me Alone isn't going to be published in a month, unlike what I claimed. I don't know when I'm done with it. To compensate, a new poem called Fog has been put on the 'poetry' page :)

14-2-2011: Happy Valentine, everyone! Don't Leaf Me Alone has been taken off the ideas-page. It's now on the proze-page. 

5-12-2010: To all my Dutch readers, happy Sinterklaas! To all the others: I took down the NaNoWriMo-page. Next year it'll be online again =) 

27-11-2010: Finished my NaNo-story at 74.548 words, so I got over my estimation again. See the NaNoWriMo-page, which'll be online for another week, to read more.

25-11-2010: Once again updated my guess on how many words the story'll have in the end. 70.000-ish, which is pretty grand for a Nano-story =) 

21-11-2010: Updated the NaNoWriMo-wordcount. Sorry for forgetting to list here that I made it =) But, for the record, I did it, and way too early too =P Still continuing the story, though. 

17-11-2010: Added the 'Tear'-poem to the list. 

29-10-2010: Updated the ideas section and added the NaNoWriMo-page to the website. Note that I won't add updates to the wordcount here. 

11-9-2010: Revamped the once-dead section of 'help me improving'. All my stories are now at the checkboxes. Forgive me for not sorting them, but Webs doesn't allow me to move them and deleting them all is too much. 

1-9-2010: The ideas section used to be dead, but now... it's back! *Cue evil laughter*
So erm yeah... forgive that lame entrance. Anyways, updated the ideas-section. 

31-8-2010: Revamped the challenge-section and added a new challenge to it(with thanks to KatonRyu!) Comments about it can be dropped in the 'contact me' section. 

30-8-2010: Finished KatonRyu's request, who approved of it. It's now added in both the challenge-section and in the proze-section.

18-8-2010: Added the updates section to the website and added KatonRyu's one-shot to the challenge-section